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42208Re: Spray type mold release?

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  • tiwonk
    Oct 2, 2012
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      Be sure your pattern fins are very smooth and clean, Clean well with alcohol and I would try some welders marker soap stone ground to a powder in a pencil sharpener to use as a parting agent. I use a small bush to rub it into all the crevices and hard to reach places. It is about the same as graphite but much cleaner to work with!


      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, "Lyle" <creepinogie@...> wrote:
      > Nelson,
      > These are heads, not cylinders. They are old patterns that were used decades ago. I have made cylinder patterns on a wood lathe and they were cast in Co2 sand with good results. These are totally different.
      > My problem is probably a combination of a few things, mixing the sand too rich, release agent, not enough rapping prior to the sand setting up, etc.
      > LL
      > > I'm casting a batch of air cooled heads with long deep closely spaced fins. In short, I'm having a hard time getting the pattern to release. I'm using threaded holes in the backside of the pattern that I screw threaded rods into, then they go through a plate and I extract the pattern with thumbscrews for an even draw. But the withdrawl is hard. I've been using Johnson paste wax and some silicon spray mold release but it's not working as well as I had hoped.
      > >
      > > Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
      > >
      > > LL
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