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41668Re: [hobbicast] Re: First attempt at induction heating

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  • Jeshua Lacock
    Feb 3, 2012
      On Feb 3, 2012, at 4:11 AM, oldstudentmsgt wrote:

      > Why? 50 milliamps is enough to kill you. The extra amperage just flash-cooks the remains.
      > You just want to be sure you know enough not to get that first 50mA.

      Because 50 amps is way more likely to kill you then 50 milliamps.

      For 50 milliamps all of the conditions have to be exactly right. 50 amps @ 240 volts - there is way less margin for error.

      Its just extremely dangerous. There is no comparison of playing with a 12 volt versus a 240 volt power supply.

      In additional to increased electrocution you also have increased danger from starting a major fire and god knows what else.

      I just wouldn't play with a 240v 50 amp power supply unless I really knew what I was doing. I don't think it is something to tinker around with. "Gee what does it do when I connect this to this?"


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