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41363Re: Perhaps OT but you guys work with brass and copper

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  • tjwal
    Sep 23, 2011
      In this case ebay might be your friend. A quick check turned up a number of sellers shipping to Canada. Prices weren't bad either.

      If you are close to the border then you can always set up a shipping address in the US. There are companies who specialize in this. I'm too far away for it to work for me. :(


      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, Mike <ezme@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the info but I tried to order and was
      > informed "Sorry this item cannot be shipped to your address"
      > I live in Ontario Canada
      > I suppose it's some kind of dumb environmental issue.
      > I would like to try the product because according
      > to the literature it looks better and perhaps
      > more long lasting than shoe polish. Some of the
      > other Rub N Stuff colours also look interesting.
      > Do you happen to know if the tubes would be
      > available in retail stores close the Canadian border?
      > Mike
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