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41292Re: [hobbicast] Perhaps OT but you guys work with brass and copper

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  • Stephen Lovely
    Sep 1, 2011
      I had some brass a while back that needed to be welded back together. I
      brazing, but the welder had some rod for brass that he wanted to try. The
      heat from the
      welding burned the zinc out of the surface and it ended up looking like
      copper until I
      buffed it and got the brass color back. Maybe after heating to get rid of
      surface zinc it'd take a nice patina from the Flemmish Grey. You could also
      look at http://www.sciencecompany.com/patinas/patinaformulas.htm
      for some ideas.

      I have used non-hardening photo fixer (hypo aka sodium thiosulfate) with a
      touch of muriatic acid to blacken copper the pinholes in a pinhole camera.
      It worked well but the
      coating was very fragile if it got too thick.

      Try a search for "black patina brass"


      On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 3:30 PM, ezme@... <ezme@...> wrote:

      > **
      > I am desperately trying to find a chemical that will blacken brass. I
      > currently have Caswell A311 Flemmish Grey that works ok on copper but only
      > makes brass a dark brown and it is inconsistent in the darkness and
      > noticeably not black. I did have some Ebanol that worked very well but that
      > product seems to be no longer available.
      > I have degreased and sand blasted the brass.
      > Any other suggestions baring painting? Perhaps an ink (very thin unlike
      > paint).
      > Mike

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