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40961Re: [hobbicast] Making charcoal

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  • hillwizard2@aol.com
    Mar 4, 2011
      Charcoal is made in a kiln, it get very hot and is a good insulator

      Sometime when it is taken out of the kiln it contains red hot coals

      Mike the Hillwizard

      I would rather be nine people's favorite thing then one hundred people's
      ninth favorite thing.

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      rwenig2@... writes:

      Hello Malcolm,
      I saw that. I was inclined to agree with you as charcoal is shipped
      and sold in paper bags until I noted the statement "Freshly prepared
      charcoal can be pyrophoric even when not powdered and it must be allowed
      to stand for a day at least before it is used in any compositions." It
      doesn't jib with then articles on this page

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