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40188re-wiring a kiln

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  • wheezer
    Feb 7, 2010

      I have an electric kiln about
      15" diam <hex> x ~ 15" tall.
      It is sectional with fire brick.
      Two sections are wired. One wire is
      broken, the other measures ~ 9 Ohms.

      I have two old never used wires for the kiln.
      They each read ~ 4 ohm.

      In addition, I have a 7.5" circular electric burner
      from a stove which has a high and a low
      spiral. One is 44 ohm, the other 70 ohm.

      I have several 110 and 220V outlets in the shop.

      I could connect new wires in series for 220V use or
      individually for separate 110V lines.
      I could create a hollow in the hinged top
      for the stove burner
      and wire it for two step 220V operation.

      The kiln is rated at 2100F

      I plan to use the kiln for glass slump / fuse
      small batch Al melt and steel anneal.

      What is your recommendations
      for connecting the new heaters?

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