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40182Re: [hobbicast] [off?] CNC Machine Running

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  • Todd
    Feb 1, 2010
      Jeshua, nice work! I've been working on a Gingery Lathe for about 4
      months w/o nearly the progress to show for it :o).

      Q: What is the 3D visualization/CAD software that you show in the first
      part of your demo?

      Q: You mention in the thread that you used pycam. Could you elaborate on
      your CAD tool chain...and how well it's working for you? I've been using
      QCad...but it's a 2D only option...though somehow they have an
      additional GCode module, too.

      Q: You mention using the Roton ballscrews/nuts for your z axis... have
      you needed a brake? I ask b/c the Roton site claims that the translation
      of force to rotation is so efficient that their devices cannot be
      counted on to self-brake.

      Q: What linear motion system are you using, and what are it's
      performance characteristics (flatness, deflection, etc.)?

      My plan is to build the Gingery series and then start on a CNC...
      probably very similar to yours. At my current rate, I should be starting
      that project in about 2-5 years :o).


      On 1/31/10 7:25 PM, Jeshua Lacock wrote:
      > On Jan 31, 2010, at 7:28 PM, Ron Thompson wrote:
      >> Do you have dual belts on the x axis? I used two and two steppers
      >> slaved
      >> together, no racking of the y axis.
      > No - I have two belts on the Y, but only one belt on the X.
      > Interesting thought - might be worth trying.
      >> I use mach3 to drive the steppers, so slaving was easy.
      > Cool. For my dual belts on the Y, I am using one servo (2 horsepower
      > geared down 2:1!) connected to a drive shaft that drives both belts.
      > Makes for a cost effective solution - one servo, one controller, one
      > power supply....
      > Best,
      > Jeshua Lacock, Owner
      > <http://OpenOSX.com>
      > phone: 208.462.4171
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