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39875Re: [hobbicast] Re: French Sand

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  • James Buchanan
    Sep 1, 2009
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      OK; Now you need to have a recipe for green sand.

      BY Weight:

      91% Sand
      8% Bentinite Clay
      1% Wheat Flower

      By Volume:

      1 Gallon Sand
      2-1/2 Cups Bentinite
      1/2 Cup Wheat Flower

      Core Sand

      8 Quart - Sand
      1 Quart - Wheat Flower
      1/3 Quart - Boiled Linseed Oil

      Rub the core box with kerosene to reduce the tendency for the sand to stick
      to the core box

      Bake cores at 350 degF for one hour.


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