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39630Casting session

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  • Rupert
    May 25, 2009
      Hello Group,
      Just thought I'd post a picture of a casting I made today.
      <http://www.pacificsun.ca/metal.pics/gear.jpg> I was making some cores
      so I used my core mix for the gear. As a result, the finish is rough. At
      least I proved I could cast a gear with teeth much like the old timers
      did before the days of shapers and milling machines. :-) I intend to use
      the same procedure using a finer grade sand to hopefully improve the finish.
      The core mix I normally use is a fine grade silica sand blasting sand.
      I believe the grit size is about 80. Added to the sand is enough sodium
      silicate to give the mix the appearance of stiff cookie dough. I filled
      the flask with no ramming and then gasses the flask with CO2 to set it.



      Rupert Wenig
      Camrose, Alberta, Canada.

      email: rwenig2@...

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