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38912Aluminum question

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  • chucketn
    Aug 8 8:05 AM
      I am posting this to both the lath/machining groups and the casting
      groups to try to gather as much info/opinion as I can. As a computer
      tech, I often get dead hard drives which are a source for machineable
      aluminum. I am trying to make a milling attachment for my minilathe,
      patterned after Varmint Al's or GadgetBuilder's designs.
      That brings up 2 questions for those experienced in either machining or
      casting aluminum or both. If I go the angle plate route for the milling
      attachment, would an aluminum casting be strong enough? How about
      copying the topslide in aluminum? Would it be strong enough for milling
      small stuff, mostly aluminum? How much bigger in dimension would I have
      to make it for comparable strength?
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