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37618Re: [hobbicast] Re: Mobile Foundries...Does Anyone Have One?

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  • Stone Tool
    Apr 2, 2007
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      The height of the furnace ceases to be an issue if you have one with a
      lift off body rather than using a "lift out" crucible. Mine is on iron
      wheels from some kind of farm implement..... about 18" diameter steel
      spoke wheels actually, and the furnace body lifts clear of the base and
      swings out of the way. A tilting furnace might also work well as a
      mobile unit. The next upgrade must be a lift & pour tong that will
      allow you to lift the crucible directly off the plinth and pour without
      setting it in a pouring shank. I envision a steel ring that you drop
      over the crucible first, and jaws that close around the lower portion.
      The idea of dropping the ring over first is to reduce the risk of
      tipping the works over. Anybody seen anything like this?


      Lyle wrote:
      > I'll take a photo of my MIFCO 16 on a homemade cart that I've welded up.
      > and post tonight. The biggest idea is to keep it as low as possible.
      > LL
      > --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, "too_many_tools" <too_many_tools@...>
      > wrote:
      >> I have a Johnson foundry furnace that I would like to make mobile and
      >> am looking for ideas as to how to build the foundry cart. I envision
      >> having the furnace and supporting equipment on a cart where the
      > foundry
      >> can be used and then stored.
      >> Has anyone done this?
      >> If so, I would appreciate your advice and pictures of how you
      >> implemented it.
      >> Thanks
      >> TMT
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