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37617Re: Mobile Foundries...Does Anyone Have One?

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  • Lyle
    Apr 2, 2007
      I used castors on the bottom of my homemade #16 crucible furnace but
      the biggest problem I see with doing that is it raises the furnace
      which means you need to lift the crucible even higher than normal to
      remove it. I solved this problem with my MIFCO furnace by welding the
      castors sideways so the Wheels only touch the floor when I lift up the
      handle welded to the opposite side of the cart. Not much ground
      clearance this way but it works. I also incorperated a wire mesh
      platform where I can put ingots, tools, etc in otherwise wasted space
      over the burner and blower assembly.

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, "gott24u" <gott24u@...> wrote:
      > Hello TMT,
      > I have a Johnson 900 that is "mobile". The good fella I bought it
      > mobilized it (I might have done it a bit diffeerent, but seems to
      > fine). The furnace body is mounted on a round platform made of
      > with four casters underneath. The control unit is on a separate
      > platform with casters. It rolls easily on concrete and hard ground. I
      > am not a fan of the wood and many will tell you that it is not a good
      > idea due to fire hazard - this is logical, but good, safe foundry
      > practice has kept it from burning for many decades now. Casters are
      > fairly light duty.
      > Gott
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