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36695RE: [hobbicast] Re: NON-Lost foam in green sand.

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  • Dan Brewer
    Oct 9, 2006
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      Do you have some type of powered ventilation in your shop? One of the
      members here had a small shop setup here in his storage space not even his
      own garage but he used an old range hood and a fairly large blower to remove
      the nasties from his shop and dispel them into the local air. He took out
      one of the bird blocks between the rafters so he would have a larger vent
      area. It might work for you.

      Dan in Auburn


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      There's a reason I do my casting indoors. I live in one of those
      overbearing "homeowners association" type places. I think their heads
      would explode if they knew I was (*gasp*) melting metal in my garage,
      let alone doing oxy/acetylene welding. Some of my neighbors "get it,"
      and they say "wow, cool!" Others are the "My god, that's dangerous"
      types, who then go back to their homes that are plumbed with natural
      gas, fire up their pilot light stove, and use it to heat (flammable)
      vegetable oil so they can deep-fry something.

      I weld in my shorts some times. But I'm wearing a lot of safety gear
      when I melt and pour.

      Jack wrote:
      > The fumes from lost foam - whatever type of foam - are not a problem
      > if you do your casting outdoors with a fan blowing across the
      > workbench to dilute and drive the fumes out of your immediate
      > vicinity.
      > Even smokey fumes might be diluted enough to not annoy the
      > neighbours. Depends on the fan, I guess.
      > Jack

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