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  • Jack
    Sep 1, 2006
      Not wrong enough to be a problem!

      Adding insulating blankets outside the refractory is meant to keep heat
      IN, maybe help keep the outer walls/workshop cooler.

      My furnace has ONLY 2 inch thick 3000 degree refractory lining - no
      ceramic wool etc. Starting from cold, it takes about 30 minutes before
      the outer shell is too hot to touch with the fingers. Since I run it
      out of doors, heat in the workshop is not a consideration.

      Home made refractory is definitely the hard way to go since ready-made
      is so easily obtained from foundry supply companies. In addition, the
      commercial product will meet temperature specifications or the company
      will hear about it in no uncertain terms!

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, "Dave Mucha" <dave_mucha@...> wrote:
      > I thought that refractory was to be harder and rated for higher temps
      > and was the inner liner, if there are more than one liner, refractory
      > is the one in direct contact with the heat source. That refractory
      > got some abuse other than thermal and should be hard(er).
      > and that the insulation liner was the outer liner and it's purpose was
      > to prevent heat transfer. it has no real requirement for strength
      > other than being strong enough to hold things in place.
      > And that separate layers are not required, but that any layer that is
      > in contact with direct heat should be rated for more heat.
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