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36018Re: [hobbicast] codeg 0.5 Beta released -- GCODE generator for CNC foam cutting.

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  • Eric Poulsen
    Apr 4 10:35 AM
      Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom wrote:
      > On 04/04 10:09 , Eric Poulsen wrote:
      >> Anyhow, I've found that there weren't any decent programs (not at least
      >> for linux) to convert DXF files to GCODE to control EMC, so I wrote my
      >> own. It's platform-independent, and should compile on most modern systems.
      > cool!
      > I belive there's an add-on module to qcad which will generate gcode from
      > your qcad files (and qcad will read .dxf). It's payware tho.
      > this is very cool tho... I've got one of my machinist friends interested in
      > Linux; and while he can write efficient gcode quickly and reliably, this
      > sort of thing would save a lot of effort. (and get him converted over to
      > Linux). :)
      > I'll have to give it a try, in my copious spare time...

      You're thinking of CamExpert, made by RibbonSoft, who also makes Qcad.
      CamExpert is Qcad + some Cam stuff, including Gcode generation.

      I found that the GCODE generated by this program had some issues that
      prevented it's use -- specifically, it didn't use enough decimal places
      to satisfy EMC about the endpoints of arcs.

      Also, I haven't found ANY program that optimizes the tool path. As you
      know, when cutting foam, you can't stop in the middle, lift out the wire
      and re-start cutting somewhere else. You have to make one continuous
      cut. Most of the Gcode programs assume you have a Z-axis that you can
      use to lift your cutting head and reposition it. Codeg matches
      endpoints so that it's one continuous path.

      Be sure you read the README file WRT compiling -- you'll need the Boost
      development headers / libraries.

      -- Eric
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