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34431Re: [hobbicast] Re: reverberatory furnace

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  • Stone Tool
    Apr 2, 2005
      What I am currently envisioning is a "gravy boat" shape with the flame
      port and pour spout being the same point, and the exhaust port directed
      downward right next to it... The pour spout angled to direct the blast
      along one wall of the top piece, and a partial "hanging wall" along the
      other side to direct the swirling blast back across and around the dome
      keeping the blast inside the furnace as long as possible before it finds
      it's way down and out the near vertical exhaust port. The burner/blower
      assembly would be removed of course to tilt and pour. A raised ridge /
      dike would prevent molten metal from exiting through the exhaust hole.
      The whole thing would form kind of a pear shape with a split along the


      lance dulak wrote:
      > Ya thats what i like about them too. Just lift a
      > handle and pour. I plan on building another one in the
      > future. If you build one like mine i'd seriously
      > consider making it perhaps an inch or two shorter and
      > an inch shallower.
      >>None taken. And thank you for your input.
      >>I was actually thinking on a much smaller scale but
      >>had doubts
      >>about that big hole on the top and since my well
      >>went dry I am fresh
      >>out of crude oil. Besides how could you push that
      >>crude oil with only 3
      >>pounds of pressure? That stuff is kinda thick isn't
      >>it. What I really
      >>liked was the pour it out of the furnace no crucible
      >>needed. Except the
      >>broken one for the hole. Your plan looks
      >>interesting. I'll study it for
      >>a while.
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