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34423Re: reverberatory furnace

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  • thomaslittleford
    Apr 1, 2005
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      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, lance dulak <lancedulak@y...> wrote:
      > Preface: I'm NOT an expert on anything!
      > Its godawful. No offense.
      None taken. And thank you for your input.

      I was actually thinking on a much smaller scale but had doubts
      about that big hole on the top and since my well went dry I am fresh
      out of crude oil. Besides how could you push that crude oil with only 3
      pounds of pressure? That stuff is kinda thick isn't it. What I really
      liked was the pour it out of the furnace no crucible needed. Except the
      broken one for the hole. Your plan looks interesting. I'll study it for
      a while.
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