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34213Re: [hobbicast] Re: Casting session

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  • Rupert Wenig
    Mar 4, 2005
      Hello Edyn,

      Edyn wrote:

      > Nice Pics Rupert,

      Thanks but the credit for the pictures and the page belong to Robert
      Grauman who was here for the pour.
      > Not everyone gets to melt Iron on the weekend!,

      A week end melt would be even better. This pour was on a Wednesday. :-)
      >Was that a monster burner melt?,


      what sort of Melt times in a Crucible furnace?

      My melt times are down for some reason but these melts took about 1:30
      for 23# of cast iron. It takes about 13 minutes to melt a #8 crucible
      full of aluminum from cold start to end of pour. A #8 crucible holds
      about 8# of aluminum, 23# of cast iron.

      Im still
      > casting Al and loving it! Haha

      What's stopping you? You might have to change to a larger burner and
      maybe use different refractory but I find cast iron easier to pour than
      aluminum. The hardest part is the impatient wait. There are no gassing
      problems melting cast iron. But, the crucible gets heavy real fast due
      to the extra heat.

      > Cheers Edyn....NZ
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