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  • Charles
    Feb 2, 2005
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      I have the innards of a furnace burner outside in a toolbox. If you
      can get the whole thing intact (a SMALL furnaces gun) seems like
      theyd be perfect. On mine the oil pump was toast and i think it is a
      pretty high pressure pump so i just "stored" it. I'm building
      the "kerosene torch" oil burner in the files section and am a bit
      suprised more people dont use it. Im building mine out of 5/8"
      allthread, and scrap blocks of cast aluminum. I'm suprised more
      people arent using these to be honest. The furnace burners i've seen
      use high pressure behind the oil to atomise it. These use the same
      mechanism an auto paint gun uses. Seems much safer and simpler. Now
      to find a new use for the blower collection (one is 1700cfm heh) i
      have and the briefcase mig feeder i was going to use somehow for an
      arc furnace. Any suggestions?

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, "dragonsbane742004"
      <dragonsbane742004@y...> wrote:
      > Used oil furnaces can usually be found cheap or for nothing
      > on the condition. I recently come across a Beckett Model "AF" for
      > free. I have it stripped of everything it doesn't need and it
      > to work fine. The model I have can be set to use anywhere from
      > to 3 gallons an hour putting out 56,000 to 420,000 Btu's per hour
      > respectively. I should be able to melt something with that. I'll
      > to get some pics up tommorrow.
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