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  • edi malinaric
    Nov 1, 2004
      > This shouldn't be too difficult of a task with a larger
      > burner (1" or so) would probably melt a wheel in no time, now to
      > figure out the furnace design that will accept wheels, trannies, etc!
      > Cheers Gene

      Hello Gene - I was doing tonight's crossword and giving the above a
      secondary think...

      Thoughts went something like so ... build a 24" diameter x 8" high furnace.
      The bottom of the refractory is conical towards a flue-sized hole in the
      centre. It's lid is 50 gallon drum lined with Fibrefrax - that's big enough
      to accomodate most gearbox housings. This "pancake" furnace is permanently
      mounted - high enough to allow a 20 pound propane tank furnace to be moved
      underneath and to be lifted against the bottom of the 2-footer. (picture a
      railed carriage with a scissors type of lifter-upper)


      i) place a crucible in the bottom furnace, run it under the big'un and raise
      it up against it
      ii) start warming up the crucible
      iii) place an alloy wheel rim/gearbox housing in the upper furnace, put on
      it's hat and light up it's "Mningi" burner.

      As the wheel melts, the molten aluminium runs down into the crucible. When
      the donor article is nowhere to be found, lower and move the bottom furnace
      to one side and pig-out or cast from the crucible.

      On second thoughts it would be safer to lift the "pancake" furnace and swing
      it to one side.

      Here's a link that should be of interest - especially as winter is coming


      The reason for posting it is that Alex, after a two to three day drying
      period, applies the glaze, places those fireplaces on a plinth, lowers an
      insulated 50 gallon drum over it and lets rip with the propane. I think he
      said that he brings it up to 1200 C and holds it there for 8 - 10 hours.

      OK - over to y'all - cheers edi

      (Mningi?? = larger than big, much larger!)
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