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32664Re: Aluminum Supply

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  • Ed Paradis
    Nov 1, 2004
      Hi John, in my opinion, the only shortage associated with pistons is
      the knowledge of how and where to obtain them. I have routinely used
      pistons, they come in a perfect size for my crucible (and other's
      too, I'll suspect). I have a couple of autoparts places that do
      machine work that I've worked on the relationship for a while and
      they'll give me the pistons just for asking. I'll go in occasionally
      and pick up some oil, gas dry (methanol for my K bond) or clamps,
      etc, just to establish a working relationship with them. If you do
      work with other things like machine work, they're also a good source
      for large ball bearings (using the balls as tool handle ends, etc.)
      from spent axle bearings, etc. Most of these things are items that
      are either tossed out or sold to a junk man for scrap. My last haul
      from one parts store netted 40 pistons... Just remember to take the
      pins and rings out of them, and most pistons seem to have a steel
      reinforcement plate in them to, just fish it out before pouring...

      "Expiring minds want to know!"

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, John Grant <grantjoh@p...> wrote:
      > I keep reading about the problems of melting swarf and soda cans
      > breaking down large castings down to fit in a crucible. Is there
      > a shortage of pistons that will fit, as is, in most crucibles?
      > Ed Paradis wrote:
      > >Hi Kiwiavi, my experience has shown that the swarf from shops
      > >the best source of melting stock, mainly due to oils and/or
      > >used on the metal when it's machined.
      > >
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