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32659Re: Aluminum Supply

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  • Ed Paradis
    Nov 1, 2004
      Hi Kiwiavi, my experience has shown that the swarf from shops isn't
      the best source of melting stock, mainly due to oils and/or solvents
      used on the metal when it's machined. They'll create lots of noxious
      (not necessisarily toxic, but not conducive to a contructive
      relationship with the neighbors) smoke and fumes. I love the smell
      of Tapmagic, but not when it's burning... Plus, as others have
      mentioned, the small slivers/chips have a relatively large surface
      area that will oxidize very rapidly and produce more dross than other
      solid blocks the same size. In this situation, it may be better to
      pack these into bundles/blocks and take them to the recycler yard for
      cash and/or trade for previously cast material. You would actually
      have a better casting material with the previously cast metal than
      with the swarf too...

      "Expiring minds want to know!"

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, "kiwiavi" <kiwiavi@x> wrote:
      > I do a lot of machining and I have just dumped away a large
      > of aluminum cuttings. If any one is looking for good aluminum, try
      > your local machine shop, better still a CNC shop. If the company is
      > machining aircraft components you could be in for some good quality
      > scrap. Any commets.
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