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  • Leon Risenhoover
    Aug 29, 2004
      true they will read something above and below what i posted but....... below
      it may not be correct and above it can damage them. also the smaller gage 28
      as opposed to 14 the hi limit will be lower "K" #14 2000F 28# 1600F and also
      the manufacture will have different ratings. as with any type of "equipment"
      you should go by "there" ratings. Honeywell may one thing and eclipse may
      say another I use Honeywell for my stuff because my dealer's sales man is
      "to helpful" he really knows his stuff (he has answers to questions that I
      don't know the questions) LOL
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      > --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, Leon Risenhoover <lrisen@d...> wrote:
      > > ok I found my book on tc's
      > > T =-320 to700fF
      > > J=32to1400F
      > > E=32 to1600F
      > > K=32 to2000F
      > > R or S =32 to2500F
      > >
      > >
      > Are you sure about these? I was just looking at the Omega
      > thermocouple chart on my wall and saw:
      > T -454 to 752 deg F
      > K -454 to 2501 deg F
      > R -58 to 3214 deg F
      > I know that my temp controller with type K reads to at least 2300F.
      > Most of the thermocouple wires are listed as less range, but thats the
      > insulation rating not the TC itself.
      > Michael
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