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32117Re: [hobbicast] Thermocouples ??s

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  • Leon Risenhoover
    Aug 1, 2004
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      ok I found my book on tc's
      T =-320 to700fF
      E=32 to1600F
      K=32 to2000F
      R or S =32 to2500F

      There are others but they MUST be used with a tube and are subject to shock
      (very brittle) Special note: you should tell the wife you are going to
      buy one of them. that way when she says YOU SPENT $$$$$$$ ON WHAT? you can
      say "but you said it was ok"

      now then, they will measure above and below these temps but they won't be
      as accurate.
      as for the protection tubes, it depends on what you are going to be doing
      with them. as for metal tubes,
      Carbon steel (1000F) has the lowest rating and
      Kanthal (22% Cr 5%Al, balanced iron) has the highest (2300F) for molten
      aluminum ,cast iron (whitewashed) or Refrax (refrax is a ceramic composition
      tube(Silicon-nitride or Bonded silicone carbide)) as for the later Quartz
      has the lowest at 3200F and 99+% pure Alumina has the highest at 3400F.
      if you have a specific application I will look it up for you.
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