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32102Thermocouples ??s

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  • coldtoo2000
    Jul 31, 2004
      Hi guys,

      I built Dan Hartmans improved furnace w/ his dimmer control, but would
      like to build a temp control or at least a thermometer to moniter it.

      I've seen several K type thermocouples (mostly probes for digital
      thermometers), but few seem to go up to 1800*F or so.

      ??s are:

      what type have you had luck with (bead, air probe, special)?

      Will I need to sheild or insulate it (have seen ceramic beads on some)?

      Where can I buy one, or better scrounge a suitable unit?

      P.S. The furnace works well, I use 6kw Kenthal type electric (space
      heating) furnace elements. $8 new.
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