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31659Re: [hobbicast] Re: soldering Iron element as foam cutter (long reply!)

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  • Brian Crocker
    Jun 3, 2004
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      G'Day Alaric,
      The other thing to take into account is some of the gasses flow like water
      and go to the lowest level, when you think it's not there it is sitting in a

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      > Charles wrote:
      > [propane piping]
      > > Just a suggestion. I wouldnt do that. It sounds neat. And like a lot
      > > of work. And overkill. And MORe not less dangerous. A lot more
      > > joints and pipe to spring leaks etc.
      > People manage to pipe natural gas around houses, though... I dunno, I
      > just feel edgy having propane tanks standing around where there's molten
      > metal :-)
      > Plan B was to make/buy little wheeled stands for them so they're kept
      > off the ground and are easy to wheel out to the car for taking to the
      > refilling place.
      > ABS
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