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31639Re: [hobbicast] Re: soldering Iron element as foam cutter (long reply!)

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  • Alaric B Snell
    Jun 2, 2004
      Charles wrote:

      > On the furnace i think ill take your advice and scrounge. Ill be
      > moving in 3 months and no guarantee ill even be able to use the
      > furnace there so im not going to put any real money into it. Ill
      > probably be in a 2 bedroom apartment with one bedroom transformed
      > into a "shop". Dont think they'd appreciate a 3000 degree furnace
      > running!!

      I'm in a 2-bed flat, with one bedroom converted into an office. I do all
      my molten metal magic out in the back yard - where I have to pack and
      unpack everything from a cramped, leaking, and slug-ridden shed :-( It's
      no fun.

      When I next move, "large outhouse" will be a requirement for the new
      place, I think.

      What do others have for workshops?

      I want to try my hand at blacksmithing, and I think a gas forge with an
      anvil to the left (being right handed, I'd be working at the anvil, and
      then be able to shove stuff into the heat without reaching across my
      body) and a large stout table at just below waist height, filled in sand
      a few inches deep with a heatproof lip around the edge, would be great
      for pouring moulds on, especiall if it had a recessed bit to put the
      furnace on so the top was at waist height too - my current furnace
      experiments involve crouching down to floor level, which does my lower
      back in after a while.

      I'm also having crazy plans about running propane supply pipes
      everywhere with outlets sporting a nice ball valve and a POL female
      thingy like on a standard cylinder, connected to a cylinder outside. I'd
      put a high-output 4 bar regulator on the cylinder itself and then screw
      regulators in where I plugged stuff in. I've a feeling this could be
      done in a way that's safer than having multiple propane cylinders around
      for running forge, brazing torch, and foundry burners - having all of
      the stored propane outside the building with a master shutoff appeals to me.

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