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31366Re: Once again, K-Bond items can be found at:

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  • whizzerick
    May 5 11:54 AM
      Ray, I mixed my first batch of K-Bond usind the recipe on your website (a year
      ago) and I have to thank you for making that resource and many others
      available to me.

      As far as availability, I'm in Montreal (Canada) where foundry work has all but
      disapeared and it took me only half a day to come up with all the ingredients
      for my K-Bond mix. Total cost for 100 pounds of K was 75$CDN (60$US).

      That sand mix is an invaluable tool, I dont think I would have had so many
      successes early on (and so much fun) without it...


      > My web page not only has the reciepe for kbond, but all the blue words
      > are links to material sources.
      > F110 sand can be obtained for about $9/100lbs at sandblasting supply
      > Petrobond resin from Budget Casting supply for about $32/6lbs delivered
      > -first48.
      > If you can't find oil then you shouldn't be playing with hot metal.
      > I don't mind helping people. In fact I enjoy it, but I don't have the
      > time to spoon feed either. Show some resoursefullness. Figure out some
      > things for yourself. It will make you better.
      > Regards, Ray in FLA
      > >I just got a quote for olivine sand: $75 for 100 lbs. pick up only!
      > >The price you got PB2 for is 1/3 the price of bentone. Where did you
      > >get it, if you don't mind me asking. I believe the sand you got from
      > >Atlanta, at least that's what I gathered from your web site. It
      > >would be a great help to find a reasonable sourse of organoclay.
      > >
      > >
      > >
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