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31361Once again, K-Bond items can be found at:

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  • Ray Brandes
    May 5, 2004
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      My web page not only has the reciepe for kbond, but all the blue words
      are links to material sources.
      F110 sand can be obtained for about $9/100lbs at sandblasting supply houses.
      Petrobond resin from Budget Casting supply for about $32/6lbs delivered
      If you can't find oil then you shouldn't be playing with hot metal.
      I don't mind helping people. In fact I enjoy it, but I don't have the
      time to spoon feed either. Show some resoursefullness. Figure out some
      things for yourself. It will make you better.
      Regards, Ray in FLA

      >I just got a quote for olivine sand: $75 for 100 lbs. pick up only!
      >The price you got PB2 for is 1/3 the price of bentone. Where did you
      >get it, if you don't mind me asking. I believe the sand you got from
      >Atlanta, at least that's what I gathered from your web site. It
      >would be a great help to find a reasonable sourse of organoclay.
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