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31276Re: Oil Bonded sources and recipe link

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  • Roy
    May 1, 2004
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      Don't use PB1, go with PB2. Its easier and cheaper overall to make
      and use. PB1 requires a catylyst, PB 2 does not. All you need to add
      besides sand to PB2 is a quart of 30wt non detergent motor oil less
      than a buck. Usual recipe is 100# sand, 5# PB 2 resin and 32 oz non
      detergent oil. Depending on the sand mesh a tad bit more or less oil.

      I guess the last I paid for PB2 was about 90 cents a poound last year
      or year before last and it was in 50# bags but was only sold in 100#
      increments, and it cost me 90 some bucks for 2 bags.

      --- In hobbicast@yahoogroups.com, Leon Risenhoover <lrisen@d...>
      > Ray
      > I don't think they make VG-69 any more geltone 5 was available and
      it's cost
      > was about $2.00/lb but the stuff made for petrobond (it's called
      > also) and even asked if it has a flour like consistency is only
      $1.04 my
      > company buy's $40,000 worth of epoxy and UV cure stuff a month and
      I cant
      > even get just one bag from them "Elementis" with out a $500 order.
      I called
      > a paint manufacturer and they were as helpful as any body I found.
      > Petrobond 50lbs./bag....................................$1.04/lb.
      FOB St.
      > Louis, MO.
      > Petrobond P1 Catalyst 50
      lbs./pail.............................$2.89/lb. FOB
      > St. Louis, MO.
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      > From: "Ray Brandes" <rvb@r...>
      > To: <hobbicast@yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Friday, April 30, 2004 6:14 AM
      > Subject: [hobbicast] Oil Bonded sources and recipe link
      > > Jamony,
      > > You don't have to mull oil bonded sands. They just have to be
      > > If you buy that 50lbs of Bentone34 you can easily sell your
      surplus to
      > > hobbicasters for $6/lb. as I did with my excess. However, when
      you make
      > > that 6 hour drive, get 200 lbs. You won't regret it.
      > > I find US Silica's F110 sand (available from sand blast
      > > about $9/100lbs works just great. What we need is someone who can
      > > the VG69 inexpensively and dish out those 50 lb bags!
      > > Anyway, visit my KBond page at
      > > http://www.ray-vin.com/casting/k-bond.shtml for sources and the
      > > recipe.
      > > Regards, Ray in FLA
      > >
      > > jamonyou69 wrote:
      > >
      > > >I'm glad someone answered your query, it's just too bad it had
      to be
      > > >you. I tried to get some help locating a source of organoclay
      > > >
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