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30479Re: [hobbicast] Revisiting Silica Sources

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  • Leon Risenhoover
    Feb 29, 2004
      i think i posted this last week but here goes again...........i got some
      comercial grade silica sand from my sand blaster dealer quickcreet brand
      "fine" it says in the back of the bag for foundry use "not for
      sandblasting" it is the same size and shape grains as the sand in petrobond
      looking at it under a microscope (yes i took one with me) it says it's
      melting point is 3100F
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      Subject: [hobbicast] Revisiting Silica Sources

      > Hello again folks...i want to thank you for you suggestions
      > however I tried just about all without any luck.
      > Dan In Ct turned me on to a place in Port Norris...I gave them a
      > call and they werent able to help me with a 100 mesh sand...it seems
      > all of the local dealers who even KNOW what I'm talking about can
      > offer me up to a 60 mesh.
      > Another fella suggested looking for olivine 120...I havent had any
      > luck with that either...is that a brand name for silica??? or is it a
      > heat resistant element that? I wasnt clear about it.
      > I have managed to call every cement, sand, pottery, and silica
      > dealer in my area and have had no luck.
      > I am tempted to find some wire mesh myself and go to the beach and
      > sift the stuff myself, but i cant even find someone who sells wire
      > mesh without a huge minimum dolar amount.
      > I've heard that beach sand might not be the best stuff to use...but
      > I am at a loss...I feel like I'm being ripped off by ordering
      > premixed petrobond at almost a dollar a pound plus shipping.
      > I certainly hope that the actual casting of metal and building of
      > the furnace wont be as frustrating.
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