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30097Re: [hobbicast] Re: Alloy Properties

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  • Aaron Toney
    Feb 1, 2004
      > As far as identifying what grade the al is by looking at it, Stumps
      > me as well. I find Scrap metal dealers are not very helpful and I
      > usually go for Al that has a grainy surface and parting lines
      > (Meaning its been sand casted). - crossed fingers its 356?

      Cool, thanks.

      Actually I am having the reverse problem. I have a really good
      local dealer where I can buy cheap ingots of any of a wide variety of
      aluminium alloys. My problem is I cant find much information on the
      differences in casting of the different alloys. I have been able to find
      material on *machining* the metals but little on *casting* difference.

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