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28739RE: [hobbicast] pattern making

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  • Carole and Brian Le Page
    Oct 1, 2003
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      'Bodge it and Quick', I must remember that! You could try Brewers.
      They are a paint specialist and may be able to help you.


      Brian Le Page
      Church Crookham

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      > Sent: 01 October 2003 19:03
      > To: hobbicast@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [hobbicast] pattern making
      > hi
      > I subscribed to this group for a while about six months ago.
      > I didn't in fact do the castings I needed my self, I had a small
      > foundry do them.
      > I made an mdf pattern and have had about 20 of these items done so
      > I am just altering the pattern prior to haveing another ten cast.
      > Becuse i made the pattern without any undercut's I have to machine
      > a lot off the casting, so I am removing what I can from the pattern,
      > quicker to remove it onces than ten times?
      > I wondered what people paint patterns with, I was talking to someone
      at a
      > landrover show and he said they use a 2pack floor paint on their
      > brushed on it flows out like glass and is quite hard.. I didn't ask
      > paint or where I get it though..
      > I did look in 'Bodge it and Quick' they have a few types of paint that
      > sound promising, but i cant spend a tenner a can on a few types of
      > in
      > the
      > hope it is ok...
      > any ideas..
      > --
      > thanks richard
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