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28477unable to superheat melt

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  • dean_schmidt
    Aug 31, 2003
      Well, I melted and created my first ingots today! While I'm happy my
      propane furnace was actually able to melt metal, I'm a little
      concerned with it's performance. From reading other posts the 20
      minutes it took for the aluminum to melt seems OK. I gave it an extra
      5 minutes before pouring however and the metal was freezing as I was
      pouring the third 1/2 pound ingot. I was pouring pretty quick too!

      I suspect either my furnace isn't insulated enough to heat much
      higher than melting temp or my burner isn't kicking out the BTU's.

      I'm using a stainless steel stock pot with 2 inches of commercial
      2800 degree refractory, a 2 inch drain, a 4 inch exhaust, and the
      burner is a modified Reil sidearm burner (naturally aspirated). 12
      psi seems to be the sweet spot as far as I can tell. Oh ya, I'm
      using a 4" diameter schedule 40 pipe crucible and on my second
      attempt I had most of the exhaust port covered with a plinth - same

      I'm going to use the wifes hair dryer for a forced air melt tomorrow
      to eliminate the burner from the equation. For those familiar with
      the modified sidearm burner, I couldn't find a 1.25" x 1.25" x 0.75"
      reducing tee so I had to use a 1" x 1" x 0.75" one. As a result I'm
      getting less airflow than the design calls for.

      If it turns out my burner isn't the problem, would coating the
      refractory with ITC-100 be enough to save this furnace?

      Thanks for any advice!

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