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26978Re: The bad and ugly, not so much good :(

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  • viscoyl
    Jun 2, 2003
      > If I under stand correctly there were 4 risers? How big was the
      > Mine is about twice the AL as in the book. I know the risers go
      to the
      > casting. Did you connect the risers together as well? How big
      were the
      > gates?
      > 1.5" spru is in the plan and at least 1 riser on each end. Hmm
      might have
      > to go 2 risers on the heavy end? I was using about 1/2" deep x
      3/4" gates
      > about 1.5" from the casting.
      > Thanks Chris

      Yes, 4 risers, not connected together except by the casting itself.
      The gate was about 1" wide and 1/4" deep going into each of the
      risers on the R. end, coming from a tapered sprue about 3/4" dia. at
      the base and 7/8" at the top. My headstock pattern was about 1"
      larger in height from parting line to top and 1/16"-3/32" thicker
      than the one in the book, otherwise I followed Gingery's dimensions.
      Also, I deepened the raised area between the clamp pads in an effort
      to prevent too abrupt a change in cross section area.
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