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23055Re: [hobbicast] Group Statistics (and a call for focus?)

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  • John
    Nov 1, 2002
      More OT stuff:

      There may be 1.5k members listed but I would guess that at most there will
      be 10-20% of these actually taking part in the group. Many people subscribe
      and do not realise the number of emails that come through. They change their
      address, forget their account's login details, drop an email account, don't
      actually receive the messages etc. I am a member of roughly twice the number
      of groups I take part in just so I can get access to the files and photos
      sections. A huge number of a listed members will never see a single post. If
      1500 people were on here actively watching and posting there'd be hundreds
      of posts per day. Even if 50% of the members were 'lurking'.

      All the best,
      John Heritage

      Email: JohnHe-UK@...
      DSL Account: Heritage@... (Currently offline)

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