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23020RE: [hobbicast] Group Statistics (and a call for focus?)

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  • Bob Hill
    Nov 1 5:37 AM
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      Anyone counting the number of OT posts on OT posts, from people who
      don't like OT posts<g>?


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      From: Michael Taylor [mailto:mtaylor@...]
      Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 11:29 PM
      To: hobbicast@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [hobbicast] Group Statistics (and a call for focus?)

      Hello folks.

      I respect everyone on this group. I agree that communication is good.
      This message is directed to the group as a whole rather than a specific
      individual. My challenge is for the group to (re)define itself in such
      a way that it can remain cohesive and functional.

      I feel that we should look at some statistics to put things into

      I joined only 14 days ago - the oldest post I have is only 10/15/2002.
      I've found a LOT of interesting information buried within the posts.

      I have logged the following statistics:

      Total Days: 14
      Total Messages: 1,050
      Total Posts with "OT" in subject: 193 (18.38%)
      Total Members: 1,553

      If every hobbicast member was uninterested in OT posts then
      conservatively speaking we have generated about a quarter million
      unwanted emails (299,729).

      Being generous, let's say that only half the people here are really
      offended by this. We have still generated 150,000 pieces of offensive
      or unwanted mail.

      I would pose the question: How much unwanted mail is too much to bear?
      What is the common focus of this group?

      Personally I think that the focus that brings this group together is a
      common set of values and interests. Slightly OT posts that are related
      to metalworking tend to be overlooked somewhat. There is certainly a
      gray area of overlapping interests within the membership of a group this
      size. Recent posts have clearly gone beyond the limits in such a way as
      to upset some longstanding members, and the debate is disappointing to
      new members (such as myself) since bickering detracts from the value of
      this resource.

      I would like to ask the question:

      At a cost of the solidarity and integrity of this group (a valuable
      resource) - is it really worth fighting to be able to post off-topic
      subjects HERE - especially in light of the breakout forums setup for
      such side-conversation involving a smaller interest group?

      Can anyone say that the OT posts were worth losing helpful and
      knowledgeable members such as Fred?

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