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  • Clint D
    Nov 1, 2002
      this is true to a point, first place, it is not common knowledge to every
      member about a coffee lounge, most of the OT posts today were started by
      members that in no way knows any thing about one, and when it was mentioned
      they still would not have known what it meant they way that it was
      were right back to 3-4 folks that want to run the group.
      the group is fine the way it is, it has always balanced out. Why change
      something if it is not broke.
      I have not seen a change since I have been here. Just all at once a couple
      of people is saying there needs policing, that is exactly what has to happen
      to do what you are saying, are you ready for a policed group?
      I think that you are, or you would not be jumping in here pushing something
      needs to be done
      Like I said earlier, why be a member here if the members are not liked and a
      person does not care to here from them. That's what has got me so confused.
      People sign up, this is a group with knowledge, but now lets shut up the
      very ones that built the group, so I do not have to here them unless I ring
      their bell and then just what I want to hear.
      This group can only go two ways, leave it not broke, or police the group and
      break it's back
      See, what most are not understanding, there are other casting groups,
      POLICED, why not go to them? Because they have no personality, lack of
      knowledge, etc. and why, they are policed. who sets the rules for policing?
      you? me? Ron?

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      > I agree with everything you said. In my line of work (as a software
      > architect) there are only two rules: simplicity and consistency.
      > It seems that we have a simple issue (or non-issue). The problem appears
      > stem from the stated policy vs. practice (an inconsistency). Seems like
      > either say: "Chill out and let it be - all posts are welcome at
      > (A perfectly reasonable position) OR you say, "The place to chill out and
      > talk about the meaning of life for a caster is the coffee loungh group."
      > Seems like if we don't use it, we should lose it. It's misleading to
      > to set an expectation when they sign up for the email flood that turns out
      > to be incorrect. I'd say pick a plan and go with it. I'd be happy either
      > way and I think having a consistent approach would be better for those who
      > get more worked up than I.
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      > > Well, I'm new here to this group, but an 'Ol geezer (sp) when it comes
      > > news groups (20+ years and still truckin' along). But here is my
      > > worth...
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