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21417Re: [hobbicast] More rookie furnace design questions.

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  • Ray Brandes
    Oct 1, 2002
      My burner uses a 1-1/4" pipe and my vent hole on the top is 2" and the drain
      vent is 1" and the leak around the lid, well, it's there! The furnace is for a
      #10 crucible (6" dia, 8" high). If you make your hole too small you may have
      trouble opening it up. If you make it too big, you can make a 1" thick 'washer'
      with a smaller hole to lay over the lid vent to choke it down. I think you will
      be all right with a 2" vent.
      Regards, Ray

      William Schmiedlin wrote:

      > Ok guys, I don't want to loose sleep over this, but there has to be some
      > formula or rule of thumb over the size of the vent hole.
      > If the furnace is empty, I figure about 1500 in^3 of volume. And being that
      > there is a monster burner in there (1.25in) Do you think a 2" vent hole is
      > too big or too small?
      > Thanks for the other advice.
      > William
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