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14649Re: [hobbicast] Clean Scrap

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  • John
    May 1 6:39 AM
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      > Sounds like you have extruded and rolled plate. You will need to add
      > 5 ounces of copper to each 4 pounds of aluminum to improve the castability
      > of the melt. I have used electrical wire as my copper source. Cut it up
      > into short pieces and it will dissolve in the aluminum melt.

      That's interesting about the copper. Can anyone (anyone probably being Fred
      :) explain why it is silicon / copper improves aluminium's pourability?

      If you need a source of copper in small but larger than average, if you get
      my drift, amounts try www.onlinemetals.com I've not ordered from them but
      their selection of bits looks really good, especially the stainless pieces.
      As you see they sell copper rods and the likes as well. Every steel
      fabricators or holders I've called has either said they absolutely will not
      do off cuts or that they will do off cuts so long as I buy the piece it
      comes off too.

      This is more than annoying if you're searching for something like 416 rod
      close to an inch thick because this kind of thing costs serious notes! Don't
      even consider titanium rods. But onlinemetals seems like a great idea, they
      sell it right down to little 12" rods. I've not found anywhere in the UK yet
      that does this. It would actually be easier to buy a rod of metal from
      onlinemetals and have it posted over rather than buy it here or bother
      looking for a spare bit.

      John H.
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