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14640Re: [hobbicast] Clean Scrap

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  • Ray Brandes
    May 1 3:33 AM
      I agree with Steve! No matter what your are cooking, stay out of the
      plume and avoid the fumes! Carbonmonoxide is toxic and is a product of
      all combustion.
      Breathing stuff gets it into your system faster than an injecton.
      Little things like hot cutting styrofoam need to be ventilated. Avoid
      solvents that can be absorbed throught the skin; laquer thinner, the
      keytones (acitone, mek, etc)

      Where as you try to push lathe chips down to get them under the flux,
      becareful with this vinyl coated stuff. If you push it down it may
      bubble violently. I suggest putting the largest pieces in the crucible
      first and then fill in the voids with the punchings. Melt, flux and skim
      and pour. Pigging aluminum is always an option, but I find if you can
      make parts right off then you don't melt it twice.
      Ray in FLA

      Steve Liversidge wrote:
      > If it has reflective material on it, the aluminum is probably rolled sheet
      > stock (.050" - .080", in that area, I presume?) Be careful melting it, the
      > vinyl fumes (from the engineering grade reflective vinyl) are toxic.
      > Although, check out these websites, which call the reflective sheeting "an
      > article" and therefore apparently outside the scope of safety legislation (?)
      > http://www.tapetechnologies.com/reflect_msds.html
      > http://www.atsminc.com/traffic/eng_reflect_msds.html
      > Sorry, I don't get it. Burning vinyl is toxic, and I don't understand why
      > its not mentioned in these sheets. Am I naive or something, I thought the
      > MSDS were supposed to be complete and list all the possible hazards.
      > Steve Liversidge
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