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13489Re: [hobbicast] Copper - I tried but failed

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  • driggars
    Apr 1, 2002
      That copper will have to get hot, I would say 2000-2100, Some one else may
      add more to this cause I am no expert. I have been dealing with melting
      brass and copper lately. I had the same problem. Make sure you are not
      running a BBQ Regulator. Run a straight line with a valve in line to
      control. Make sure the control valve is far enough away from the burner that
      any flames do not come over the top and burn your face/hair. This will take
      some getting used to till you get a good feel. Are you using a blower? After
      your furnace gets going good you may need to keep adjusting the flame up, I
      get used to the sound on mine. It has a consistent roar, if you turn up a
      little to high it will sound like sputter, if you turn down to low the flame
      will be loose instead of a rocket type flame. My flame comes out the top
      about 8"-12". Never light it with the lid on. Never stand over the furnace,
      or with the wind while firing. You may know this already, but I have to say
      it anyway, just in case. Hope this helps
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      Subject: [hobbicast] Copper - I tried but failed

      > I tried to melt copper tubing I had laying around the house today.
      > Everything got to glowing a nice bright orange but no melt. How hot
      > does this copper alloy have to be to melt? Anyone tried it lately?
      > Andre
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      > group for a discussion list. Just a little payback offer for all the
      > help you folks have given me in my new home foundry.
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