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  • Engine Tech
    Mar 6, 2002
      There are a number of programs that do text-to-speech. Here is a link to a
      simple application that is free.


      The AT&T natural voice is very good technology and sounds much better than
      most. Natural voice is now an option for ReadPlease

      By combining the parsing program I have already written with something like
      the AT&T natural voice technology you can accomplish exactly what you are
      looking for. Programmatically, this is a simple application.

      I spend at least 2 hours or more on the road each day, so I was already
      considering the same application you are talking about. I was planning to
      send the output to an MP3 player to listen to while traveling. I would
      record each message on its own track to simplify skipping messages. This is
      low on my priority list right now.

      I will keep you in mind when this project trickles to the top of the list.
      I did the text extract because I was concerned that the archives might get
      lost in the event of a failure at Yahoo. I felt this was a little more time


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      Do you suppose you could write a simple program that would be able to read
      these e-mail messages to me rather than having to spend so much valuable
      desk time reading it myself. I spend a fair bit of my day on the road
      listening to radio 'dribble' and would much prefer to listen to my e-mail
      from you guys. It almost goes without saying that the information I've
      gleaned from this group is some of the best, most creative and helpful
      information I come across in a day. Unfortunately, when I take a couple of
      days off or find myself away from the office I quickly get behind in reading
      the Hobbicast postings.
      It probably wouldn't be that difficult for someone familiar with programming
      and would probably make that someone a whole bunch of money it was a

      it took longer to extract the data than it did to write the programs.


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