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10776RE: [hobbicast] I did it! my first casting

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  • Feiertag, Frederick J
    Feb 1, 2002
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      That's a fair question. It leads to other high technology ingredients for
      the successful founder. You need a clock and a means to measure weight.
      So, how much metal are you melting how fast? When did you make additions to
      the crucible and how much did they weigh? How much gas did you burn to melt
      how much metal?

      What was the weather like when you did these deeds? As in temp and
      humidity. These are all variables that affect things like gas in the melt,
      and the behavior of your molding materials. The more you know about the
      environment of your foundry the better chance you have of doing the same
      thing twice.

      Keep track of your observations. Did that new sprue cutter work on this
      mold? When you cut in the gates were they 1" by 1/2" or the do you care?

      I vote for too much data. You can always use the scribbled on sheets to
      help light the fire next time.

      But, if you can develop the habit of taking notes, they will be quite a
      treasure in a few years when you can look back and really be entertained by
      your early efforts.


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      Fred, what kind of tings would you suggest taking notes on?

      Charles Brooks
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