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1Replacing Babbitt Bearings.

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  • Ray Menke
    Jun 5, 2000
      I found an interesting article in the Aug. 2000 issue of Woodwork
      Magazine pages 66 to 72. "Replacing babbitt bearings" by Mike Burton
      includes 14 large photographs/drawings. Basis of the article is that if
      you are running a woodworking shop with Pre-1900 machinery, you need to
      know how to pour babbitt.
      Some of the topics are: How to brew your own babbitt (wheel weights
      and lead-free solder), pouring the bearing, truing the bearing, paper
      spacers, oil, and the care and feeding of babbitt bearings.
      A very good article that wanted to let you all know about...

      Ray Menke
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