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7January 12, 2010 - January 12, 2015:

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  • haimusique
    Jan 22 10:35 AM

      While thousands of souls perished and their corpses barely buried, the earthquake did also widen the socio-political and economic gap in Haiti. Many of those who committed to uplift the spirit of the c...ountry looked and walked backward towards corruption, impunity and self-obsession, like Lot's wife looking back at Sodom.

      Laurel on the graves of our dead!

      Today, let's reflect on ourselves as well, let's find out what keeps us apart; not who, for each of us is portionally responsible for this caricature that our country has become. Let's silence our hatred minds and open our hearts and spirits to comprehend and address our common-causes: our dear native land, our co-existence and our place in this competitive and moving-world.

      May God bless Haiti!
      Macceau Medozile, HM Radio, Inc.
      Bienvenue/Welcome to HM Radio