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Re: [hmongstudies] Refugees vs. Immigrants

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  • Gemma Wieberg
    Hi Lynne,                 I havent read the other comments yet but as far as I am aware the first generation who were forced to leave Laos would
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 29, 2008
      Hi Lynne,
                    I havent read the other comments yet but as far as I am aware the first generation who were forced to leave Laos would be considered refugees under the U.N. act, and would as such be considered a diasporic people rather than immigrants who 'choose' to some extent to come to the U.S.A and have time to prepare to make the move. The exception is to an extent, those who came over prior to the war as scholars and the such like. There is a very good paper called 'Diaspora' by James Clifford published in 1994 which will give you a great overview. It's quite hard going but it will illuminate some of the more complex questions surrounding defining diaspora as opposed to migration. It is also worth looking at assimilation/acculturation/hybridisation and third world debates- these are terms you will come accross in most papers on inter-generational families.- Margaret Eldridge has also written an excellent paper on Hmong resettlement in Tasmania.
      Perhaps the best solution would be to interview some Hmong families and individuals and ask how they regard themselves- as a whole I have found Hmong people to be welcoming, generous and keenly intelligent people. Many have amazing life histories and each is unique and worth documenting both for future generations and the wider public. Hope this helps in some way, please dont be afraid to get in touch,

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      Subject: [hmongstudies] Refugees vs. Immigrants
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      Date: Sunday, 2 November, 2008, 6:01 PM

      I am an MLIS student at UNC-Greensboro in North Carolina working on a
      paper/project for a class on information services for diverse clients.
      The Hmong are the group that my team have chosen to study. My professor
      asked me if the Hmong are considered refugees or immigrants today. I
      believe that they would still be classified refugees according to the
      United Nations definition, but cannot find any information confirming
      this. Also, would the second generation Hmong that were born in the
      United States be considered refugees on immigrants? Thank you for any
      insight that any of you can provide for me. I am working with a team of
      two other students and we want our project to be accurate.

      Lynne Bolick Reed
      UNC-G MLIS student
      LIS 662: Information Services for Diverse Clients

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