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Re: [hmongstudies] Any Hmong in Vietnam?

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  • Kevin Xiong
    I understand that completely, isn t sagon in the south? There s hmong people in the south. How s the south differ from the north? So you guys study english
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 8, 2007
      I understand that completely, isn't sagon in the south?  There's hmong people in the south.  How's the south differ from the north?  So you guys study english there too?
      Anyway, my name is Kub Xyooj, I was born in Laos, I'm about 31 now.  I'm planning to visit all the countries that hmong have live in just to see how each country is different than the other and what are some of the similiarities.  I have been to Canada, France, Laos, Thailand and ofcouse the U.S.A.  I'm planing a trip to Australia  in the Fall, than heading to Thailand, and Maybe Vietnam.. and maybe China too.  I want to see how hmong speaks over there in Vietnam too as compare to the hmongs in Thailand, and Laos.  Hope to hear from you soon and hopefully we can be friends.  Take care.

      HmoobVaj_Vietnam <am00nvn@...> wrote:
      We're Hmong in Vietnam. But my family is in Sagon ( Ho Chi Minh city ); we don't do tour guide unless we know you or someone who is related to you; or else, you can find many tour company who offers package to the Hmong tourism villages in the North of Vietnam.

      So you can reply to me by this email of mine and we can discuss more about that or which way i can help you with any info.

      Lig Vaj.

      xiong_kevin2007 <xiong_kevin2007@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      I am going to go visit Vietnam soon, is there anyone from there, or
      anyone have any contract there? Please let me know. The purpose of my
      trip is to see how Hmong in other countries live, and how differ is
      their way of life. Thanks in Advance.


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