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494Re: [hmongstudies] New Website for Hmong Studies Journal

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  • M.Lee
    Aug 23, 2012
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      Hello Mark,
      I was wondering if you have any idea about how may Hmong Doctors we have in the United States that are Men and Women?  Im doing a research on this topic to educate my fellow Hmong-American People of how far we have come along to get to this point.  Once I get this info I am going to broadcast in it in our famous Hmong Teleconferences  so all Hmong are aware of this.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,

      From: Mark <hmongcultural@...>
      To: hmongstudies@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2012 5:03 PM
      Subject: [hmongstudies] New Website for Hmong Studies Journal

      Dear Colleagues:

      Apologies for any cross-postings. After almost a decade, I thought this summer would be a good time to launch a new website for the Hmong Studies Journal. Please have a look at the new site and I appreciate any feedback!


      An exciting year is planned for the journal. We have received many submissions on a wide range of topics pertaining to Hmong Americans and the broader diaspora for Volume 13 and the peer review process will be occurring over the summer and fall. In addition, the journal will be publishing a special issue this year featuring articles from several expert scholars who have been invited to write about population, demographic, socioeconomic, health and other trends in the Hmong American community that are apparent in recently released census data as well as other sources. Both of the new issues of HSJ will be published in December 2012.

      My portal website is not going away and will continue to be updated with bibliographies, census data and an online research library at http://www.hmongstudies.org/.

      - Mark Pfeifer

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