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1Welcome to the new Hmong Studies Research board

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  • hmongcultural
    Mar 28, 2005
      At the Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center, I get many research
      queries via e-mail so I thought it would be helpful to start this new
      message board to share/exchange/disseminate information about
      and new research in the field. This is a moderated board, all
      will be read by the moderator (me) prior to posting. The focus of
      board is Hmong Studies scholarship and not political or personal

      I welcome you to send me your postings and to visit this board often.
      If you would to receive any postings via e-mail, please feel free to
      join the Hmong Studies Research Board Group as a member.

      Mark E. Pfeifer, PhD
      Editor, Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center
      Director, Hmong Resource Center, Hmong Cultural Center, Saint Paul